Kaipara Heritage Machinery Club Inc


Harding Park Dargaville

Open: Wednesday and Saturday
10-30am - 3.30pm and any time on request




Our Aim


To acquire, restore and display machinery, equipment and tractors once used by general, earthmoving or farming contractors, farmers and local authorities and the Pioneers of the Kaipara District.


Club History

In August 2001, eight elderly gentlemen with like interests formed this club. Since then membership has steadily grown encompassing all age groups and gender from many different walks of life.




Harding Park, Dargaville. Follow the signs to the museum.


Our site

So much vintage and veteran machinery and implements have found their way to a new home, some in excellent condition others needing varying degrees of T.L.C.


Amongst our acquisitions is ‘Rose’ a 1952 N.C.K. excavator, 18 tons with a 50 ft boom, once used for pile driving, bridges and buildings. An R.B. 10 Dragline used extensively in the Northern Wairoa drain cleaning, building stop banks and digging water dams.


The Cat 15 was used in cultivating the land after the timber had been milled and now the latest member to the family has just arrived. A Gehl 1962 self-propelled silage harvester, apparently the only one imported into New Zealand, it has been in constant use in the north until an electrical fire, last year, played havoc with the cab. With a bit of T.L.C. and a coat of paint she will look like new again. This monster is powered by a Detroit 200 H.P. Diesel motor.


Tractors of many shapes, sizes and colours plus farm implements cowshed and dairy equipment, corn shellers, timber and logging machinery, horse and bullock harness.


The 110 year old woolshed has been shifted to our site and is fully operational, the plant being driven by a Lister 3 H.P. petrol stationary motor.


A Southern Cross windmill has been relocated, the huge sails turning gracefully in the breeze.

A Booth Mac No. 3 hand wire tie, stationary baler is on display along with a large collection of other haymaking machinery.


Our new museum building is nearing completion. So many treasures that are in storage can be displayed to advantage, evoking memories amongst the more senior citizens and helping our younger people to learn and appreciate the history of our area and life in days gone by.





Our club is open every Wednesday and Saturday, also any day when requested as any excuse to open up and show off our treasures is welcome.


Bill Fitness ph: 09 439 7108 or 
Ann Lupton ph: 09 439 4614
Bob Siegel ph: 09 439 8545, or 021 1063 635








Some of the new building exhibits